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When messages become modulated into light waves, things speed up in a hurry! This means greater bandwidth for your network, so you can get more things done in less time.

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The old days of copper wiring have come and gone. With the advent of high-load data processing and information storage, companies and organizations require a more robust system for such activities. Fiber optics make this goal attainable, and our technicians are experts in getting your network up-to-date.

Cable Splicing – joining two cables together.

Fusion Splicing – using an electric arc to join two cables together.

OTDR – the optical equivalent of an electronic time domain reflectometer. It injects a series of optical pulses into the fiber under test and extracts, from the same end of the fiber, light that is scattered (Rayleigh backscatter) or reflected back from points along the fiber. (Wikipedia)
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