Internet Routers for All

What is a router, and what does it do? Simply put, a router acts as the gateway between your internet provider and the devices you use to get access to that internet. Routers can be hard-wired, wireless, or a combination of the two. No matter what internet service provider you have, routers are always a great asset to your network.

No Need to Pay a Monthly Router Fee
Get more control over your service with Apollo!

Routers for Every Budget

Routers starting at $34.95 and dual-band routers are only $69.95. Best of all, no monthly fees and the router belongs to you!

Business Solutions

Need a more business-centric system that increases your security levels? We sell advanced business routers and tough firewalls to ensure your business stays clean from web threats.

No Worries…We Help When Troubles Arise

Apollo Router sales include basic troubleshooting if you have Internet problems.

You Have Control

Don’t deal with the headaches of proprietary routers – you have full control and don’t need to call anyone to make changes to your router (like changing your wireless name or password).

What Are You Waiting For?

Call 325-643-8184 today, and get the router and service you deserve!

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