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ACI has become a powerful leader in IT Management, and can leverage your customized technology solution alongside a specific business objective.

What is IT Management?


IT management can be described as adapting an information technology practice within a specified business objective. What this means is that ACI can provide an information technology plan that fits alongside your company’s operating needs. We carefully map out a formula that allows your business to function side-by-side with technology, and the ability for your managed IT infrastructure to adapt as your business grows.

A Closer Look

Your business isn’t like any other business, and the solution you receive will be custom-tailored to give you optimum results. Our team provides 24/7 site, server and network monitoring services that help to ensure your network stays secure and in-service. We offer both on-site and remote monitoring services for your convenience, and would love to talk with you about your business needs. Get in touch with us today!

IT Management Services
IT Monitoring 2
Spam, Firewall and Antivirus 3
Assurance Visits 4
Review and Procurement 5
Additional Services 6

IT Monitoring

Our expert technicians provide 24/7 maintenance, hardware/software updgrades and troubleshooting to keep your business operating smoothly.

Spam, Firewall and Antivirus

Online threats cause billions of dollars in damages each year, and you need a strong defense. We can implement anti-spam software to guard your email, powerful firewalls to protect your local network, and proven antivirus software to keep you safe while accessing the web.

Assurance Visits

Once we’ve got your solution up and running, our job has just begun. We’ll periodically stop by to check up on your progress, and make any necessary changes to the solution provided.

Review and Procurement

We conduct yearly analysis on each of our IT Management clients, and evaluate whether or not business objectives are being met. You have an advocate behind you every step of the way.

Additional Services

We have a multitude of services that can be quicklly viewed, and we’d love to help you with any and all of them. They include:

– Document Management – Messaging Systems
– Hardware Install/Configuration – Hard Drive Data Recovery
– Data Backup – VOIP Installation/Setup
– Software Install/Configuration
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